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Policy Development

A Policy is a central document that outlines your organization's goals and the strategies that your team uses to achieve them.

Each department within your animal rescue will need to have their own central policy document.

Each department's central policy document will act as a guide to ensure that their day to day operations are in line with the department's goals.

An Animal Rescue's Policies Should Serve as a Guide

Each animal rescue's central policy documents should provide guidance on:

  • The organization's goals

  • The goals of each department

  • Any applicable eligibility criterias

  • The department's day to day tasks

  • The procedures each team member will use to complete their tasks

  • The training each team member needs to perform their jobs

No department will function well without these detailed policies.

Animal Rescues

Need Professional Policies 

Each animal rescue needs at the very least, the following policies:

  • An intake policy

  • A foster policy

  • An adoption policy

  • A humane education policy

  • An animal care policy

  • A fundraising policy

  • A marketing policy

No animal rescue can function well without each of these policies.

Our Experts Write Great Policies

LSA's experts underwrite great policies! When our experts underwrite your organization's policies, they ensure that each team member knows exactly what to do to help your organization achieve it's goals.

Our experts continue to work with your animal rescue while you implement each of these policies.

Your Animal Rescues Can't Afford to Have Bad Policies

Departments without strong central policies tend to struggle to achieve their goals.


Since each department in your animal rescue is interconnected, one department can substantially affect other departments, which could lead to set-backs or goals that cannot be achieved.

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