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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a very cost effective form of marketing - making it perfect for animal rescues.

Social media marketing can be very easy - if you have the skills and expertise to do it the right way.


Unfortunately, many animal rescues lack the expertise needed to design a social media marketing plan to bring them closer to achieving their goals.

Our team is here to help your animal rescue acquire the skills and expertise that you need to be successful at achieving all of your social media marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing Isn't Easy

Everyone thinks they know how to use social media but using social media for marketing purposes is much more challenging then using it for personal use!

Anyone who's ever tried to develop a community on social media can probably tell you first hand that social media marketing  involves a lot of hard work and expertise!

Social Media Can Really Benefit Your Animal Rescue 

There are a lot of benefits to your animal rescue having a strong social media presence. ​ In fact, having a strong social media presence can help your animal rescue increase:

  • community awareness of your animal rescue's cause

  • community awareness of your animal rescue's services

  • the levels of humane education in your community

  • exposure for animals in need of fostering or adoption

  • donations from individuals and businesses in your community

Unfortunately, attaining all of these benefits can be difficult if your animal rescue doesn't have a strong social media marketing plan.

We Can Make Social Media Marketing a lot Easier

Having an expert design your animal rescue's social media marketing plan can take the guess work out of planning your social media content!

This means your marketing team can concentrate their efforts on engaging with your community.

Your Animal Rescue Can't Achieve Your Goals Without a Good Plan

Your animal rescue's social media channels can only help your organization achieve your goals if you have a strong social media marketing plan.

It is important for your social media marketing plan to be designed by an expert capable of designing a plan to guide your volunteers towards success! 

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Our team of social media exp are ready to help you get started!

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